Evidence For A Better Life report

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Evidence for a Better Life, Includem’s Activity and Impact Report 2010-11 has been published. It reports on significant achievements including the launch of A Better Life modules for Includem practitioners containing the practical knowledge, tools and theoretical context for Includem’s persistent, flexible 24/7 model; a successful Glasgow Gangs pilot in partnership with Strathclyde Police and the Community Initiative to Reduce Violence to work with the most hardest to reach of the young people who police identified as causing most concern in their communities; a very positive evaluation of their Fife service to prevent admission to care, or to return young people from care; and the achievements of Lottery funded Transitional Support bridging the gap between intensive support and adult life. The report design was inspired by Includem’s winning poster from the international Health Assets Conference illustrating Includem’s asset-based approach to helping the most vulnerable and challenging young people achieve better lives.