Discovering Desistance

A new research project funded by the Economic Social Research Council has been established by a research consortium of academics based in Scotland, Sheffield and Belfast.

Discovering Desistance is a project aiming to share knowledge and improve understanding about why people desist from offending”

The prinicple investigator is Professor Fergus McNeil from the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research. He is working in collaboration with colleagues including Stephen Farrall from the University of Sheffield, Claire Lightowler from Institute for Research & Innovation in the Social Sciences and Shadd Maruna from Queen’s University Belfast.

The project will work with Allan Weaver, a Scottish ex-offender turned probation officer,¬†to produce a documentary asking the simple question “What can we learn from those former prisoners who have successfully desisted from criminal behaviour¬† or gone straight”

There will then be a series of workshops for professionals to discuss further the findings of the documentary.

The project will also explore the implications of desistance research for probation practice and develop ideas about how better to support the process of desistance.