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All too often, debate on Criminal Justice matters is informed by emotion rather than evidence.

The Consortium is proud to be able to provide information on Criminal Justice matters in Scotland from an objective and knowledgeable standpoint, and also to promote discussion and analysis of current issues and new ideas.

Our membership of organisations and individuals provides us with a range of expertise on policy, practice and research in Criminal Justice.

We are also delighted to support and be closely associated with the CjScotland website which provides an independent resource about criminal justice in Scotland – with news, articles and a database of archived material.

Professor Alec Spencer

Convener, SCCCJ

The Scottish Consortium on Crime and Criminal Justice (SCCCJ) was formed in 1998 to take advantage of the opportunity for enhanced public debate about crime and criminal justice provided by the creation of the Scottish Parliament and Executive. Its aim is to reduce the incidence and alleviate the impact of crime in our society as far as is reasonably possible by whatever morally acceptable means can be shown to be most effective.

The Consortium brings together leading organisations concerned with crime and criminal justice in Scotland, including the Howard League for Penal Reform in Scotland, APEX Scotland, Sacro (Safeguarding Communities – Reducing Offending), and Victim Support Scotland. Its Convenor is Professor Alec Spencer and its Honorary President is Baroness Vivien Stern, Senior Research Fellow at the International centre for Prison Studies and Visiting Professor at Essex University. SCCCJ has several individual members from the academic, legal and voluntary sector. Representatives from Includem and Families Outside are also part of the Consortium.

SCCCJ works with CJScotland, the website providing information on all aspects of criminal justice information in Scotland

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Based on a broad spectrum of experience and skills and the available factual information, its recommendations seek to promote open dialogue about the best ways to:

  • reduce offending
  • increase community safety
  • ensure fair treatment for the victims of crime
  • enhance civil liberties and
  • increase the effectiveness of the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

Current office bearers

Honorary President: Baroness Vivien Stern CBE
Convenor: Professor Alec Spencer
Vice Convenor: Niall Campbell, Honorary Vice-President, Scottish Association for the Study of Offending
Honorary Member: Professor Jacqueline Tombs, Director, Institute for Society and Social Justice Research, Glasgow Caledonian University
Honorary Treasurer: Hugh Craig

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