Crimes Solved

Crimes solved
Police performance is often judged by how many crimes are solved of all those reported. In that
respect the picture continues to be positive. Clear-up rates remain at 49%, the same as last
year, which was an all time high.
For specific crimes:
The clear-up rate for non-sexual crimes of violence continues to rise, to 67% in
2009/10 from 64% in 2008/09; robbery which has the lowest rate of clear up
remained at 46%. For crimes of dishonesty the clear up rate decreased last year from 39% to 38%
The clear-up rate for crimes of indecency has fallen to 66% in 2009/10, to rates
not seen since the mid 1980’s. This is a reduction of 2% since 2008/09, and clear
up rates for rape and attempted rape fell by 4% since last year to 57%. This should
be an area for concern, particularly since reporting of such offences rose by 3% over
the same period.
The clear-up rate in Scotland, however, is higher than in England and Wales. Statistics relating
to England and Wales show a figure called the sanction detection rate for 2009/10 of 28% per
cent for all crimes and offences, with varying rates for offences such as violence against the
person (44%), sexual offences (30%) and robbery (20%).


Use of DNA profiling to solve crime

The latest figures for the Scottish DNA database are here: DNA Database Quarterly Stats January – March 2012

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