Commission on women offenders: Alternatives to prosecution

  • Fiscal Work Orders (unpaid work orders of between 10 and 50 hours – ’fine on

time‘) are rolled out across Scotland for offenders as an alternative to


  • Procurators Fiscal are given new powers to impose a composite diversion

order, which could include both unpaid work and rehabilitative elements.


  • New powers are given to the police to divert women offenders from

prosecution by issuing a conditional caution directing women offenders to attend
Community Justice Centres so that appropriate services can be delivered.


  • To ensure the availability of appropriate diversion schemes across Scotland and

more consistent use of this measure, the services and programmes provided or
coordinated by Community Justice Centres will be available to women at
the point of diversion from prosecution.


  • To help Procurators Fiscal quickly identify suitable cases for diversion, the police

should highlight in their report whether a person is suitable for diversion,
taking into consideration the victim and community.

From Commission on women offenders report