Commission on women offenders: Community reintegration

  • Inter-agency protocols on prison discharge and homelessness are

introduced across all areas of Scotland with the twin aims of sustaining tenancies
when women are in custody and of securing access to safe accommodation for
every woman prisoner upon release from custody.


  • In order to prevent financial instability that may lead to the recommencement of

offending behaviour, the UK Government, which has responsibility for Social
Security matters, puts arrangements in place, as a matter of urgency, to ensure
that every woman prisoner can access her benefit entitlement, immediately
upon release from prison.


  • Community reintegration support is available for all women offenders,

during and after their custodial sentence is completed, irrespective of the local
authority they are from. Offenders are met at the gate on release from prison
by their key worker or appointed mentor.


Source: Commission on women offenders report