Commission on women offenders: Sentencing

  • In order to provide a broader evidence base than is currently available on the

effectiveness of the problem solving approach, a pilot of a problem solving
summary criminal court should be established for repeat offenders with
multiple and complex needs who commit lower level crimes. This pilot should run
for male and female offenders.


  • A truncated Criminal Justice Social Work Report, a Rapid Report, is available

in summary criminal courts on the day of conviction, where possible or within
two working days to enable the appropriate sentence to be imposed and
implemented as quickly as possible.


  • That in every case where the sentencing court assigns subsequent Progress

Review Hearings, the judge who passed sentence should, wherever possible,
deal with the subsequent hearings.


  • The introduction of two new sentences; a composite sentence of

imprisonment which would comprise a custodial element and a community based
element and a suspended sentence.


  • The Judicial Studies Committee is supported in being able to provide

comprehensive training at appropriate intervals including induction training
and engagement with local prisons and community based criminal justice

Source: Commission on women offenders report